Next class in Ontario, Oregon at the Malheur County Fairgrounds is Pendin
Please pre-register so we can have your certificates ready to hand out to you at the end of the class.  Walk-ins are welcome, however. You can pre-register by calling 541-281-GUNS (4867)  or by e-mail here or by e-mailing

Click Here for the Registration Sheet to Print and Bring to Class with you.

This will be an Oregon/Utah/Arizona Certifying Class.  Classes start at 8:00 AM.  

Price for the Oregon Certifying Class Only (4.5 Hours)  $35.00 per person.

If you already have the Oregon Permit and would like to get the Utah Permit $35.00 per person (6 Hours)

Arizona application packet and certification $35.00

For both Utah and Oregon (6 Hours)   $65.00 per person, 

For Oregon, Utah, and Arizona - $95 per person.

For Oregon, Utah, Florida and Arizona - $125.00 per person

$5.00 Discount for current NRA members (please bring ID card or mailing label for your NRA magazine).

We will provide your Utah Application Photograph and photocopy of your driver's license free of charge with your Utah class fee.

Class is held in the Office Conference Room at the Malheur County Fairgrounds located at 
795 NW 9th Street
Ontario, OR  97914



Malheur County Sheriff's Office Website for Concealed Handgun License Information