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All classes have the opportunity to get certifications to apply for either Oregon or Utah concealed handgun licenses/permits and/or the Arizona Concealed Weapon Permit.  Florida certifications are available at some venues.

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Saturday 7 January 2023 at 8:00 AM- Klamath Falls, Oregon - Klamath County Fairgrounds

Pending- Ontario, Oregon - Malheur County Fairgrounds

Pending  -  Pendleton, Oregon - Red Lion Hotel Pendleton

Pending - Redmond, Oregon - Comfort Suites Redmond Airport 

Pending - Salem, Oregon - Salem Airport Comfort Suites

Pending - Medford, Oregon - Medford Rifle and Pistol Club
                (Florida Permit Certification available; Live fire required)

Pending - LaPine, Oregon - Best Western Newberry Station 

Our classes are as follows:

Oregon Concealed Handgun Permit Course
4 - 5 Hours
This class exceeds the minimum curriculum required by Oregon State Statute and completion allows you to apply for the Oregon Concealed Handgun License.This class covers handgun safety, operation, loading, unloading, selection and carry, as well as ammunition types and selection. Judicious use of deadly force, escalation of force, and civil liability are also covered. When you complete this class, you should have a working knowledge of how handguns function, how to select the right firearm and ammunition for your self defense purposes, and the rights and responsibilities relative to carrying a concealed firearm.

Utah Concealed Firearm Permit Course
5 - 6 Hours
This class meets the minimum curriculum necessary to apply for the Utah Concealed Firearm Permit, regardless of your state of residence. The Utah permit is recognized in over 33 states nationwide.All of the topics of the Oregon Concealed Handgun Permit Course are covered, as well as all information relative to concealed carry in the state of Utah, meeting the minimum curriculum requirements for Utah. Applications, fingerprint cards, and the mandatory application photograph are included.Fingerprinting services may be available at an additional charge in some instructional venues.  

Arizona Concealed Firearms Permit Certification
Additional with Oregon or Utah Certifications
  This certification and additional materials provide you everything necessary to apply for the Arizona Concealed Firearm Permit, regardless of your state of residence. The Arizona permit is recognized in New Mexico, and Kansas, and when carried with the Oregon and Utah permits, you are covered in 35 states nationwide.All applications, fingerprint cards, and the mandatory curriculum are included. Fingerprinting services may be available at an additional charge in some instructional venues. NEVADA ONCE AGAIN RECOGNIZES THE ARIZONA PERMIT!

 Florida Concealed Weapon Permit Application Certification
1-3 hours
Live Fire Required
This is a certification which may be added to either the Oregon Handgun Safety Class or the Utah Concealed Firearm Permit Course. This certification is not available in all instructional venues. This certification allows you to apply to the state of Florida for a concealed weapon permit. This certification includes the certificate of completion of the minimum curriculum, application packet, mandatory application photograph, and other information. This includes range time and demonstration of safe firearm handling and firing. You may either bring your own firearm (unloaded) with at least 20 rounds of ammunition, or you may rent one with ammunition with advanced notice.


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Why Utah?? 

You have the opportunity to carry concealed in about 33 states (with an Oregon Permit as well).  Please realize that there are some states which only recognize the Utah Concealed Firearm Permit when carried by Utah residents.  Make sure you know what the regulations are in the state that you would like to carry in.

For more information on the Utah permit, go to

We recommend that permit holders contact any state they are planning to visit and find out about that state's concealed firearm laws.

*As laws are always changing, be certain to check with the state that you will be traveling through and to to make sure that the status of the permits have not changed.